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Course 1: Nutrition State and Assessment


Who should undertake this training

This course has been developed for undergraduate medical students.

Modules available

At the current time  module 1: Growth, development and ageing is available.

Module 2: Demand, supply balance and Module 3: Nutritional state are currently under development.

What can you expect from completing this course?

Module 1 explains what growth, development and ageing are; the processes through which they occur and their relationship to nutrition.

How do I use the course?

Before we start it will be useful to know how the course is made up. The "Nutrition State and Assessment
" course consists 3 modules: 1) growth, development and aging, 2) demand, supply and balance and 3) nutritional state. Modules 2 and 3 are not currently available.

The  course will start with an introduction, and it will lead you to the homepage from which you can access the 3 modules. You can choose a module you would like to start but if you are new to the topic, please use the modules in the recommended sequence.

In the module home page, you will  be presented with module introduction, pre module assessment, units of content and post module assessment. You can access the introduction and pre module assessment in the sequence you like. But you can only access the unit contents after completing them. To access and complete the assessment, click on the link. The questions won't be marked until you complete the assessment and click the submit button. Once you have completed the assessment, you can go back to the question pages and see the correct answers and feedback. Go back to the module home page by using the bread crumb menu on learning path link at the bottom of the screen. On the module home page you will see the circles next to the introduction and pre module assessment links filled - an indication that you have completed them. You are now ready to start the module.

You can start the units. Each unit has its own short assessment. You will receive an instant feedback for each question when you submit your answer. In addition, you can repeat the unit assessment as many times you like by clicking the "Restart" button on the unit assessment home page.

Work through the units and when you complete all modules, you can start the post module assessment. Like the pre module assessment the questions won't be marked until you submit your answers at the end of the assessment page. Again, you will see the correct answer and feedback for each question when you go back to the questions. You can repeat the post module assessment as many times as you like. The questions are randomised, so you will get different questions (some will be the same). You can go back to the course home page and start another module.

You do not need to finish the course at once. Your answers will be stored in a database and be retrieved next time you log in. So, plan your study in a way suitable for you. At last you can repeat the course as many times as you like.

How will this course help you

This course has been designed to support you to gain knowledge and understanding of biological principles (status and assessment). The learning is self paced allowing you to access the learning content at times that are convenient with you.

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