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Welcome to Nutrition Portal

Home for the Malnutrition and other nutrition courses. If you haven't tried the Malnutrition course yet, click here to go to the malnutrition course description page to register and start the course. Use Chrome or Firefox for optimal display.

Welcome to the Nutrition Portal, the first eLearning portal, dedicated to nutrition and public health nutrition learning.

This Portal evolved out of the recognition that nutrition is central to health promotion, disease prevention and effective care. It is essential that current and future health professionals - doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians or other health care professionals - have the knowledge and competency to meet the needs and deliver effective nutrition in public health.

The eLearning is delivered through interactive, contextualised and media-rich courses that are validated by experts in the field. They are to train health professionals in the underlying principles of nutrition and to develop their competency in applying their knowledge to their workplace setting.

It is hosted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton.


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