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Alcohol and Other Drugs


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Many people use alcohol and illicit drugs. For some it becomes such a serious problem such that they may seek help for it directly. However, the majority of people who harmfully use alcohol and illicit drugs will present to their doctor with other health problems. These may be caused by their substance use or unrelated to them. In either case it is vital to understand the effect that alcohol and other substances will have on the management of the underlying condition.



This is why it is important to have a clear understanding of what causes people to misuse substances, what can be done to help them, and how addiction to a particular substance differs from normal experience.

This module will focus on the two substances which cause the greatest challenges for patients and the health professionals involved in their care: Alcohol and Opiates

Doctor Sinclair is the Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at The University of Southampton, and an honorary consultant in addiction psychiatry.