Probabilistic Identification of Bacteria for Windows

Probabilistic Identification of Bacteria for Windows

Current Version: 2.0

The PIBWin programme provides probabilistic identification of unknown bacterial isolates against identification matrices of known strains.

If you wish to reference this software please cite it as: Bryant TN. PIBWin - software for probabilistic identification. Journal of Applied Microbiololgy. 2004;97(6):1326-7.

The programme has three major functions:

  • the identification of an unknown isolate
  • the selection of additional tests to distinguish between possible strains if identification is not achieved
  • the storage and retrieval of results

It also has some utility functions for assessing the usefulness of identification matrices and for converting matrices into different formats.

The program makes use of Excel (2007) files to store identification matrices and archived results to achieve this, although other file formats are supported to allow backwards compatibility.

The program is designed to use probabilistic identification matrices that have either published in the literature or created by the user. The matrices that are provided with PIB have been taken from the literature. These matrices have been typed in from the publication describing them and users should refer to these publications for full details of the methods used when testing isolates.