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BIU Grand Prize Micrograph and Movie Competition

Every Christmas the BIU holds an image and movie competition for our users. The principal rules are:

  • images must have been taken by the submitter
  • images must have been taken using a microscope (but it doesn't have to be one of ours)
  • images are judged purely on artistic merit, rather than scientific content
  • the competition is judged by BIU staff
  • BIU staff are not allowed to enter the competition (it would be embarassing if we won and it would be embarassing if we didn't win!!!)

2006 Finalists view

2007 Finalists view

2008 Finalists view

2009 Finalists view

2010 Competition - entries are now open for the 2010 Grand Prize Micrograph and Movie Competition. For more information, see here.


More images coming soon



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